The MLK Campus

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center is home to a variety of organizations and agencies dedicated to providing comprehensive services to City of Dallas residents.

Below is a comprehensive list of the organizations and contact information on the MLK Campus. 

Administration Building (Building A)

Carter’s House

Carter’s House aims to reduce financial hardships by providing quality clothing to children in low-income families. Located in Building A, Suite #131.

Contact: Lena Duri (214) 272-8002.

Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce

The Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce serves as an advocate for the creation, growth, and general welfare of African American businesses in the Dallas community.  Located in Building A, Suite #104.

Contact: Charda Greene (214) 421-5200.

Dallas Civil Rights Museum

The Dallas Civil Rights Museum at the MLK Center houses a collection of speeches, books, spoken word, art, and artifacts relevant to the life and times of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This is an effort to inspire people to discover and reconnect with the power of the Civil Rights Movement in America. Group tours are available. Located in Building A, Suite #118.

Contact: Emma Rodgers (214) 670-8418.

End Pan-Handling Now (EPN) Program

The City of Dallas EPN program is a part of the Office of Homeless Solutions which offers a variety of housing services that strengthen communities. Located in Building A, Suite #132B.

Contact: (214) 671-9369

Family Care Connection

Family Care Connection (FCC) is a community- based organization providing case management, domestic violence prevention/intervention education and support, parent education, life skills and resource and support services to families in Dallas County and surrounding areas. Located in Building A, Suite #146. 

Contact: Freya Morani (972) 298-3366.

Fresh Start Housing Assistance

The City of Dallas Fresh Start Housing Assistance program provides rental assistance and support to the homeless and their families, including ex-offenders. Located in Building A, Suite #124.

Contact: Elaine Kyle (214) 670-6338.

Miles of Freedom

The mission of the Miles of Freedom program is to equip, empower, and employ individuals returning home from prison and provide support and assistance for families and communities impacted by Incarceration. Located in Building A, Suite #118.

Contact: Richard Miles (214) 290-2337.

The City of Dallas’s first community court, the South Dallas Community Court, is located at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center in South Dallas. The South Dallas Community Court serves as a National Mentor Court for community courts across the world. Located in Building A, Suite #141.

Contact: Dianne Gibson (214) 670-7129.

Senior Year Productions

SYP’s mission is to equip, educate, and support students (ages 16 to 24) as they pursue higher education. SYP provides educational, career, and other supportive services. Located in Building A, Suite #116A.

Contact: Cheryl Hamilton (972) 283-6799.

Social Services

The City of Dallas Social Services Program assists clients by providing utility assistance for electricity, water, and rent, depending on availability of funds. HOPWA funds are available. Clients must make an appointment to be seen. Located in Building A, Suite #135.

Contact: Alesha Whibbey (214) 670-8442.

Tapestry Ministries

Tapestry Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit organization established in 2009. Tapestry features three programs- the YES (Youth Expecting Success) Program; Level Playing Field Fitness, and Tapestry Women’s Ministry. The YES program (Youth Expecting Success) provides academic preparation for SAT testing, reading, and math improvement, and life skills classes. Located in Building A, Suites #116B and #116C.

Contact: JR Newton (214) 476-7410.

Foremost Family Health Center (Building B)

The Foremost Family Health Center provides medical and dental services for patients of all ages.

Contact: Joyce Tapley (214) 426-3645.

WIC Program (Women, Infants, and Children)

WIC’s mission is to safeguard the health of low-income women, infants, and children up to age 5 who are at nutrition risk by providing nutritious foods to supplement diets, information on healthy eating, and referrals to health care. Located in Building B.

Contact: (214) 670-7200.

Hatch and Associates

Hatch & Associates, Inc. is a professional business consulting firm providing bookkeeping, income tax, payroll, and consulting services. Located in Building B.

Contact: Verenia Hatch (469) 718-9452.

MLK Branch Library (Building C)

MLK Branch Library

This branch of the Dallas Public Library is a resource to the community by providing access to public computers, homework help for students, and an outstanding African-American History collection. Located in Building C.

Contact: Shannon Adams (214) 670-0344.

MLK ChildCareGroup (Building D)

MLK ChildcareGroup

ChildCareGroup child development center provides high-quality early care and education services for children. Located in Building D.

Contact: (214) 670-8365

MLK Recreation Center (Building E)

MLK Recreation Center

The Recreation Center houses a complete fitness center, gymnasium, kitchen, and meeting space for the public. It is also home to the Senior’s center.

Contact: Mavis Lloyd (214) 670-8363.

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