Reserve Meeting/Event Space

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center has meeting space available inside of Building A for individuals and organizations. There is also space available in the MLK Branch Library and the MLK Recreation Center for meetings and events. Reservations can be made one month in advance by calling 214-670-8418 or by completing one of the reservation forms below.

Reservations are subject to approval from the City of Dallas Risk Management department.

Please note that room reservations are subject to change.

Download Forms:


Meeting space is available inside of Building A Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. 

Please submit a copy of your driver’s license with the form to complete your request. Email forms to or You can also fax forms to 214-670-8501.

For MLK Branch Library scheduling, contact 214-670-0344. For MLK Recreation Center scheduling, contact 214-670-8363.

Security Officer Guidelines:

You must have a security guard on site during all events (not meetings).

  • For 1-49 people, 1-2 Officers are required.
  • For 50-99 people,  2-3 Officers are required.

Portable Restroom Requirements (for events):

You are required to have at least one regular portable toilet and at least one ADA portable toilet depending on the number of attendees, depending on the number of attendees the number of toilets increases.

If attendance is <599:

  • 1-2 Hour Event= 2 Units needed
  • 2-4 Hour Event= 4 Units Needed
  • 4-6 Hour Event= 6 Units Needed

Available Meeting Space in Building A

There are several options available to the public inside of Building A.

Front Lobby (Capacity: 50) 

Activity Room A- Conference Room (Capacity: Up to 20)

Activity Room B- Classroom (Capacity: Up to 20)

Activity Room C- Conference Room (Capacity: Up to 10)

Room 135 (Capacity: Up to 10) This room is only available after 5 p.m. (Monday-Friday).

Available Event Space (Outdoors)

Mural & Stage Area 

MLK Campus Large Parking Lot (Malcolm X)

MLK Campus Small Parking Lot (Meyers)

Meeting space is also available in the MLK Branch Library.

Visit to reserve a room. The cost is $20.

For more information, please contact 214-670-0344.

Private Event Space is available in the MLK Recreation Center.

For more information, please contact 214-670-8363.